Marilyn In Miami starts an Indiegogo Campaign


Marilyn In Miami starts an Indiegogo Campaign

With 60% of the production already completed, the Production Team of Marilyn In Miami started an Indiegogo Campaign in order to raise funds to finish the last 40% and start post-production.

The campaign includes a series of interviews with the Cast and Crew that covers what this project means for each one of them and all the behind-the-camera details that are so fun to know.

The first of these videos is an interview with Rosalinda Rodriguez, who plays Marilyn Moreno. She talks about the importance of this character for her career.

The production team is planning to release a video every other day, covering from Art Direction, to Photography, Sound and acting.

The Indiegogo Campaign has become the best way for this independent production to raise the necessary funds to complete this project with the quality we all want.

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Marilyn in Miami IS CASTING

AZCAfilms is in the process of casting its latest production, a film called MARILYN IN MIAMI, which will be shot in diverse locations in Miami, Florida.

Currently, Agatino Zurría is working on the script, which has had many rewrites and will continue till it is shaped to his vision, and will be Directing and Producing.

Casting sessions will be on until mid May.

Here is the complete list of Characters we are looking to book:


1- Marilyn Moreno: a 35-45 year-old woman with strong Latin features (maybe Peruvian or Mexican, etc.). She speaks English pretty well. She is in the age where she’s not young anymore but not an old woman either.


2- Jimmy: An American guy who would never be seen as criminal, but very pushy and energetic. (His scenes include violence) 

3- Mother/Homeless Woman: Mother: The Latin mother of the main character. App. 65 YO. Should speak Spanish perfectly.

4- Marilyn at 7: according to the cast of the main character.

5- Young Film Director: A young American guy. ONE SCENE


6- Stage Actor

7- Stage Actress

8- Theater Director

9- Theater Assistant

Non-Speaking Roles

10- Photographer

As soon as we have finished this process, we will begin searching and securing our locations.

Stay Tuned.