AUREA wins Award

Director of Photography Lester Llanes preparing a scene with the cast.

Director of Photography Lester Llanes preparing a scene with the cast.

The Steampunk fantasy short AUREA, produced by Aurelina Romero & Agatino Zurría and Written & Directed by Agatino Zurria won the Best Director Honorable Mention at the 2018 Sci Fi Miami Film Festival on Sunday January 14th.

The Festival was held in diverse venues in Miami from Friday 12th to Sunday 14th. During its last day, in the Flamingo Bar Hall of the Four Ambassador Hotel in Brickell, the festival closed with two showings of short films, music videos and a live music show, before the Award Ceremony started. 

The film STEAMWRECKED won Best Short Steampunk, Best Short Sci Fi went to BEING HUMAN and the Best Director Honorable Mention award went to Agatino Zurria for his film AUREA.

AUREA is the story of a group of rouges who escape their decaying steampunk world to travel to a modern-day Miami Beach and find out how they feel about the clash. As most of Sci-Fi films, it reflects a current reality: that of the immigrants who escape a harsh reality just to find themselves being at the bottom shelf of society where they were supposed to find a better tomorrow.

The film was shot in two weekends in 2017 and mixes professional actors with amateurs. The art direction was a shared work between plastic artist Nadia Desjardins and Aurelina Romero, while the wardrobe design was made by each one of the actors.

Initially, the project was part of an event called RAIL, organized by Rivet Nation (Nadia Desjardins and Sheri Friedman), which was held at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum and offered an immersive full day of steampunk activities including music, theater, poetry, movies, art exhibits, handcrafts, food and lots of photo-ops with the steampunk crowd.

AUREA went on to be OFFICIAL SELECTION at the 2018 Sci Fi Miami Film Festival and was awarded for its direction.


"We will continue to send AUREA to as many film fests as we can in hopes of being accepted, so that audiences can talk about this very particular story", said Agatino Zurría in an interview after the closing ceremony.

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