CLOVIS opens in Ft.Laud.


The short film CLOVIS by Agatino Zurría, will accompany the projection of Jerome-Anthony Larkin's feature EVILS OF A FOSTER CHILD in a special evening on Sunday January 28th at the Savor Cinema (Former Cinema Paradiso) in Fort Lauderdale.

Produced by completely different teams, in different parts of south florida, both film share the theme of child abuse in some shape or form, and confronting the difficulties of the legal system to protect them, they go to extremes to establish their point: what are we doing with our future generations? How are we protecting them or preparing them for the world?

CLOVIS is produced by Aurelina Romero and Agatino Zurría, and stars Lizandra Parra, Mireya Kilmon, Mark Kroczynski, Angela Carbonaro and Demitri Vardoulias in the title role. Mireya Kilmon is also part of the cast of EVILS OF A FOSTER CHILD.

"I believe we should always have the conversation about child abuse or sexual abuse open, in hopes that soon we can eradicate it for good" expressed Aurelina Romero during a press conference for this event. Agatino Zurría added: "We started producing the film way before the #MeToo movement was created, and now it seems linked to it. This only means that this kind of silenced crimes are ancient history, an opened wound that is far from being healed, and artists have always exposed it through their work."

The event will start at 5:00PM, and the audience will get the chance to meet members of the cast of both films.



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