IWM Wraps

The process of creating our latest short INTERVIEW WITH MARILYN was complex and required more people than we are used to. After shooting all our scenes in March, we required an extra day to shoot two scenes, one of them, the product of a collaboration with Brazilian screenwriter and editor Eduardo Albuquerque, and the other, a sort of Homage that will complete the mood of the film.

Actress Rosalinda Rodriguez shot her scenes with Mireya Kilmon and Mark Kroczynski, inside the Bonjour America TV Studio in Calle 8, Miami, FL. We also had the collaboration of Art Director Rita Abreu, Production Coordinator and Assistant Director Luba Parada, and Director of Photography Gabriel Goldberg, with the production of Aurelina Romero and Direction of Agatino Zurría.

Now the film enters its post-production stage in hopes of having our final film ready to be submitted to the Film Festival Circuits on the third quarter of 2018, and actively seeking investors for the Feature we are in the process of making.

Agatino ZurriaComment