IWM Private Screening


On Sunday May 19th, Interview with Marilyn initiated its life in the projection light with a private screening at the Coral Gables Art Cinema.

More than 150 guests attended the special event that began with the projection of two “Proof-of-Contents” of future projects in process of being produced. Five of the actors of these projects were present: Ika Santamaría, Ailyn Silva, Angela del Salto, Theo Nogueira and Annie Jones.

Then it was time to watch for the first time INTERVIEW WITH MARILYN, and the audience were very receptive to this production, with an ovation after the film, and comments, questions and praise after the film.

Rosalinda Rodriguez, the leading actress, arrived in a Golden dress that showed, in case no one noticed, that she Owned the day with her Star-turning role of Marilyn Moreno. She spoke of the importance of being actors in an ever-complex medium and how she channeled the spirit of Marilyn (asking the memory of MM to inhabit her for the film).

Neher-Jacqueline Briceño, Mireya Kilmon, and Mark Kroczynski were all present, along with the supporting actors Angela Carbonaro (who also recreated all the MM wardrobe for Rosalinda), Stephanie Hernandez and Jeanny Arreaza, who also did the splendid Make Up. Directors of Photography Mileydy Artiles and Gabriel Goldberg, along with Art Director Lisa Erlicher, Assistant Producer Luba Parada and Production Assistant Bobby Reynolds completed the cast and crew present at the event.

Among the distinguished guests attending the event, we can name The Owner of the Coral Gables Art Cinema Steven Krams, Famed Oscar Nominated Adriana Barraza, Spanish Actress Paulina Gálvez, Mexican Actress Ana Sobero, Argentinian Actress Sabrina Olmedo and many friends who are actors, directors and artists who shared a wonderful afternoon with us and gave us their approval.

This means so much for all who put their efforts and love in this project and want INTERVIEW WITH MARILYN to go around the world collecting praise and comments from audiences everywhere.

Agatino ZurriaComment