IWM in Acceso Total

Interview with Marilyn began it’s worldwide Media Tour with an interview in Acceso Total, at the Telemundo 51 studios in Miramar, FL, on Monday June 3.

Rosalinda Rodriguez told Acceso Total’s host Mariana Rodriguez about her character in the production and how it’s black-and-white universe gives a touch of Retro-Glamour to the whole movie.

Agatino Zurría explained how important the casting of Rosalinda was for the film, and where the audiences could see it. Nevertheless, Acceso Total’s Mariana Rodriguez was more interested in knowing about the mysterious disappearance of the film director in the film, which is it’s major storyline. Funny trivia here, this is exactly what interests our fictional TV Show Host Deborah Domartin (played by Mireya Kilmon) when she Interviews Marilyn in the film. Of course Neither Agatino nor Rosalinda uncovered the mystery. It is for the audience to unveil.

Media Producer Leida Alvarez planed this interview with Telemundo 51 and joined Producer Aurelina Romero and Filmmaker Luba Parada in the beginning of Interview with Marilyn’s Media Tour.

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