Marilyn in miami

Synopsis: Marilyn Moreno was born to be a Hollywood Star, in the wrong town and country. Chance happens in the shape of Jimmy, a romantic all-American guy who falls for her on the internet and brings her to Miami, with the promise of taking her to California to make her dreams come true. Marilyn arrives in Miami, and her dreams get stuck.



Since the story takes Marilyn Moreno's point of view, and she is a romantic who refuses to see reality as it is, the film is shot in stark Black and White, to heighten the glamour and fantasy of Miami. With its art-deco buildings and the music of other ages coming through the ocean breeze, the city is the perfect ambivalent milieu in which Marilyn finds both the fantasy of the land of opportunity and the reality of a harsh life. The film confronts these universes clashing in the character's mind as her will to succeed is put to a test of survival.



Mexican/American actress Rosalinda Rodriguez was invited to this project early 2015, and from day one, she embodied two personas: the idea of a star whose image is imbedded in the audience's psyche and multiplied eternally in a consumerism society, and a woman who has put all her bets on just one number, no matter how unachievable it may seem.

Rosalinda Rodriguez is an experience actress, who has been cast in numerous telenovelas, and actively stars in stage plays, films and other projects.

Along with Rosalinda, Scott J. King stars as Jimmy, a man of mystery, who wins Marilyn's heart but has his own agenda. Scott is an accomplished actor, musician and entrepreneur.

The cast includes Neher-Jacqueline Briceño, legendary stage actress in Venezuela, who is also a lead acting teacher at the Adriana Barraza School of Acting.



The film is being shot in diverse locations in South Florida, to catch the contrast of its life, from the glamour of Miami Beach's art deco architecture and vibrant lifestyle, to the down-and-out life in some areas of downtown Miami.