Our Mission And Goals



We want to create original stories, with a recognizable personal visual style and firm roots in non-cliché character development, that last in the memories of our audiences, becoming a reference of something wonderful and unforgettable.  



To produce features, short films, videos and other audiovisual projects from zero to distribution, reaching the widest audiences possible.

Before actress Marialma goes back on the stage to thank her audience's standing ovation, she locks herself in her dressing room and is haunted by seemingly naive episodes from her past. TV Show Host Deborah Domartin finds herself on the other side of the microphone as she is looking for a job in a very different world she used to know.
A woman sitting in a room of her own imagination, hears a disturbing mechanical subterranean noise. She looks.
Burn Hard Rock has released the promotional video of its theme Until The End of Time, shot in 2016 at the Bonjour Studios in Calle 8, Miami Florida, as well as several locations in Homestead.
Looking out every nerve in your body is in motion electricity all around you the air, the noise, the smell of life regardless yet I'm here, looking out. (camera: Beatriz Castillo)