Clovis | Short film | Psychological drama | color

In a little house in the middle of nowhere, an aging man walks outside with a can of beer, followed by a younger woman, on a rocker tank top, who carries an ax and soon kills him in the act. What follows is the whys and the so.

Clovis is a minimalistic short that focuses on the mystery of people we don't know but think we know. We spend our life guessing what the others do or think. Why someone should go to jail and why someone is completely innocent. We feel empathic with certain people and repulsed by others. Yet, we don't have the full story to sustain our opinions or feelings.

To me, looking at a girl in the cash register of a supermarket is a pandora's box, filled with stories that I don't know and will never know.

Also, our short is concerned about the heritage we leave our children. I remember Costa-Gavras film Music Box, in which a lawyer defends her father from unjust war crimes, until she realizes he did commit them. Her concern is the learnings of her son, exposed to such a monster. Clovis is a kid, trapped in this little house, absorbing the nonsense of his surroundings. The story can never end there, but many years later, when Clovis psyche comes to the surface.