Our Story



Back in 1990, Agatino Zurría and Aurelina Romero joined the production team of Augusto Pradelli's feature JOLIGUD. That same year, they produced their first short film DOMINGO EN LA MANANA, shown at the Festival Internacional de Super Ocho, Punto Fijo, Venezuela. 4 years later, they would produce MARIALMA CENTENO'S JOURNEY OF NO RETURN, which would be official selection of the Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano, in Havana, Cuba. It is in 1994 that AZCAfilms places its logo on a film production for the first time.  In 2011, and now in Miami, Florida, AZCAfilms produced its first short film in the US: INTERVIEW ME, winner of Best Actress (Julie Ferrer), Best Director (Agatino Zurría) and Best Short Film at the Miami Life Awards. The next year, DINNER IS SERVED won Best Actress (Ika Santamaría) and Best In Show at the first NOLA Series, produced by FilmGate Miami, as well as Achievement in Production and Directing at the WITAM awards (Women In The Arts). The film was also official selection at the Miami Short Film Festival 2012, earning two nominations: Best Local Short and Best In Show, and later was nominated to Best Director at the Miami Life Awards. The following year, AZCAfilms releases FAUN MOON, a romantic fantasy that garnered a nomination for Best Actor (Luke Grande) at the Miami Life Awards 2013. From there on, AZCAfilms has been working on its biggest project: Its first Feature: MARILYN IN MIAMI, a dark and fantastic drama that recreates South Florida as the new Dreamy Film Mecca through the eyes of an innocent newcomer. During production of this film, we had the chance to produce two short films: AUREA, shown during the events for the RAIL exhibit, at the Gold Coast Railroad Museum (2017) and CLOVIS, a dramatic short. A Video art, a music video and the production of a documentary about the MICRO THEATER in Miami, have been part of the 2016-2017 production.